This group is framed in the action D1.1. of the Andalusian Strategy of Circular Bioeconomy and is a key element for regional development towards more sustainable economic models. 

The cluster in bioeconomy of Andalusia will be a set of companies and institutions linked to the bioeconomy in our region (companies that generate biomass, biotechnology, water use, biofertilizers, etc.), with those that test services Advances (knowledge, engineering, for example), technology and training for the sector, as well as those that promote the commercialization of products or services.

They will also be part of the cluster of human resources dedicated and trained in this discipline. From the institutional point of view, they will be part of the cluster of entities that favours business development and the competitiveness of the bioeconomy.

The objective of the Andalusian Bioeconomy Cluster, aligned with the objective of the Andalusian Circular Bioeconomy Strategy, is to promote competitiveness and the development of the Bioeconomy sector in Andalusia through cooperation in innovative projects and the promotion of entrepreneurship in this area.