New EU Forest Strategy: Open public consultation

The European Commission has announced a public consultation for all agents to convey their opinions about the New Forestry Strategy proposed within the framework of the European Green Deal. This strategy focuses on biodiversity and the forest cycle in its breadth, comprising all the services provided by forests. This consultation focuses on the roadmap, which will facilitate the integration of the comments and opinions of citizen participation in the next work to be done on the matter.

DG AGRI, DG ENV and DG CLIMA participate in the elaboration of this strategy and plan to publish it during the first four months of 2021. The new EU forestry strategy will cover the entire forest cycle and will have afforestation, conservation and conservation as key objectives. effective forest restoration in Europe. In addition, the objective is to help increase CO2 absorption, reduce the incidence and spread of forest fires and other climate-related pressures, contributing to the objectives of biodiversity conservation, adaptation and resilience to climate change, and climate neutrality. of the EU, the circular bioeconomy and the future and well-being of rural areas, supporting the social functions of forests, in full respect of ecological principles.

To plan the forests of the future, the Strategy will promote:

  • Reforestation and tree planting setting a roadmap for planting at least three billion additional trees in the EU by 2030.
  • Adapting forests to climate change and strengthening their resilience to face future challenges, including through better conservation and use of the genetic diversity of trees.
  • New training, skills and jobs that reflect the multiple functions of forests.
  • Rural development, including local businesses and value chains, taking advantage of the multiple functions of forests.
  • Innovative forest products and services with low environmental impact, replacing carbon-intensive counterparts.
  • A solid research and innovation agenda to improve our knowledge of forests and optimize their composition, management structure and use, including for the bioeconomy.

This consultation will be open until December 4th. The information can be consulted at the following link: 

EU Forest Strategy.

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