Online POWER4BIO cross-visit to Andalusia

The regional cross-visit to Andalusia, partner region in the POWER4BIO project, will take place from October 20 to 21, 2020. This 2-day event will provide an opportunity to regional stakeholders for the exchange of knowledge and to discuss the challenges of the bioeconomy and its implementation within other European regions and it will highlight the latest bioeconomy developments in the region of Andalusia (Spain).

The first day of the cross-visit to Andalusia in the framework of the POWER4BIO project will have three main sessions:

  1. Introduction to the region, Andalusian Circular Bioeconomy Strategy (ACBS) and how the POWER4BIO acts as a catalyst for its update.
  2. Bioeconomy in the region, with a focus on the strategic lines of the ACBS themes where several entities will present.
  3. Workshop: `How to further extend the bioeconomy at regional level´.

The second day will be the online field visits where several entities from the region will carry out presentations.

Agenda: Bioeconomy in Andalusia.

Registration: Day 1 and Day 2.

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