The BBI JU as a tractor of the bio-based industry in Europe

An article led by BBI Project Officer JU Ana Ruiz has recently been published in the magazine New Biotechnology, which highlights the central role of this public-private partnership in the deployment of industrial initiatives based on bioeconomy.

In this sense, information is collected on the operation of this partnership and its greatest achievements since 2014, managing to join forces in an initially fragmented sector. Thanks to this initiative, investments and research and development projects have been developed that have contributed to the deployment of the bioeconomy at the European level, as well as the commercial scale production of bio-based products and technologies on the market for bio-based initiatives. In this way, it is clear how the foundations for future initiatives to be implemented in the next Horizon Europe framework program have been laid.

You can consult more information about the publication in the following link:

The bio-based industries joint undertaking: A high impact initiative that is transforming the bio-based industries in Europe.

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