Bioplat publishes its Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for the Spanish Biomass and Bioeconomy sector

BIOPLAT has published its Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, a document of great interest for the development of the bioeconomy, which was presented on October 29 at its General Assembly with the participation of more than 100 online attendees.

This document is divided into five large blocks, the first, introductory, analyses the value that biomass contributes to the great challenges of today's society: energy, environmental and demographic. Next, the following four blocks are presented: Raw Materials, Bioenergy, Bioproducts and Added Value, through which the keys to their development and perspectives are deciphered, and the lines of research and innovation of each of them are described.

It contains information of a technical nature of great value, gathering from the European to the national framework as well as the different raw materials and opportunities for their recovery as bioproducts. Among these initiatives is the case of Innovaóleo (Natac-Oleícola el Tejar), an integrated biorefinery located in Andalusia.

Download document: Agenda Estratégica de Investigación e Innovación del sector español de la Biomasa y la Bioeconomía (2020).

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