Final conference of the REINWASTE project

On January 18th, the final Reinwaste event took place where the challenges and best practices to reduce food waste in food supply chains at European level were highlighted, with a focus on the dairy sector (Italy) , of the horticulture (Spain) and the meat one (France).


The project has made it possible to provide solutions to the waste generated in agri-food systems (such as containers, packaging, plastics, sacks, bottles, etc. from both the production systems and the agro-food industry) contributing to a greater extent than they currently do. to the paradigm of the circular economy. This has been possible from the implementation of pilots from a holistic approach, providing viable solutions and transferring to policies and dissemination through their participation in various forums and events.


During the final conference, the importance of the project for the regions was highlighted in its usefulness to lead us towards the reduction and optimization of waste management in the new EU strategic framework. Specifically, the Regional Ministry of Andalusia underlined the importance of the Reinwaste project for Andalusia at a crucial moment for political planning, providing examples of good practices that may be of interest to encourage them in the following financial framework.


Andalusia participates in this project through Agency for Agrarian and Fisheries Management of Andalucia (AGAPA) and Institute of Agrarian and Fishing Training of Andalucia (IFAPA).


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