Indicators to monitor the European bioeconomy by JRC

The Joint Research Center (JRC) of the European Commission has published a report on the first year of work on the system of indicators to monitor the EU bioeconomy. To this end, it has worked with experts from European and international organizations, EU Member States, Commission services and other interested parties.

The purpose of this work is to be able to monitor the progress promoted by the 2018 European bioeconomy strategy due to the growing interest on issues such as climate change or sustainable development. The bioeconomy is perceived as a fundamental element for the paradigm shift, but it is necessary to analyse in a global and quantitative way all the impacts that this new model can generate in different areas such as climate change, health or biodiversity.

Specifically, the report of the first year of work includes a series of basic indicators that can be helpful when analysed in their global context, studying the interactions and their contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals. This framework will help to better understand the bioeconomy at different levels of governance as well as establish the criteria for evaluating the quality of the indicators. This work is ongoing to ensure a system of common, reliable and valuable indicators to quantify how the bioeconomy contributes to a more sustainable future.

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