Scientific publications of the ICT-BIOCHAIN project now available

The ICT-BIOCHAIN project, coordinated by the Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development of the Junta de Andalucía ended last May, however, work has continued with the publication of several scientific articles, with the aim of showing the results of the project that can be replicated in other regions working on the bioeconomy in terms of technologies applicable to biomass value chains, the roadmap and modelling of biomass supply chains in Ireland and Andalusia and the formation of DIH (Digital Innovation Hubs) as regional innovation nodes.

To this end, three peer-reviewed articles have been published since June 2020. In the first published article, a complete analysis of the technologies applicable to biomass supply chains was carried out with the aim of making them more sustainable (this article has been published in MDPI's Agronomy magazine).

The second article also published in June consisted of a regional biomass analysis for three value chains in each of the model regions of the project, that is, for manure, lignocellulose and horticulture in Ireland and for olive groves, algae and horticulture in Andalusia. This publication offers regional opportunities in terms of biomass production with associated transport costs for the future establishment of biorefineries (it has also been published in the Sustainability magazine MDPI).

The third article published this October explains how the establishment of DIH is a tool to improve efficiency and sustainability in the bioindustry, these DIH or Digital Innovation Hubs in the bioeconomy area, allow the involvement of all stakeholders with a common goal. This publication explains how the DIH have been established both in Andalusia and in Ireland to boost the bio-industry and its subsequent replication in other regions. The publication belongs to MDPI's Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity.

These articles are open access to the scientific and general public without time restrictions. In addition, the rest of the results of the project and the learning materials of the same together with the platform and the model will be available during the two years after the end of the project, that is, until May 2022 on the project website.

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