Summary of Global Bioeconomy Summit

The Global Bioeconomy Summit 2020 (GBS 2020) has taken place during the week of the 16th to 20th of November in an online mode due to the pandemic situation. This event was divided firstly in 3-days of interactive workshops having 12 different sessions covering a highly diverse range of topics of surrounding the bioeconomy and secondly, in 2-days of plenary sessions focusing on innovation and a sustainable bioeconomy.

The workshops counted with a variety of bioeconomy stakeholders from all over the world having a focus on the latest insights regarding global bioeconomy developments and the bioeconomy’s role in addressing the global crisis, bioinnovations, markets and consumer approaches.

The participants were representatives from the European Union, Japan, the ASEAN region, Eastern Africa, and Latin America and the Caribbean regions. The Summit counted with the exclusive launch of the Global Bioeconomy Policy Report & Global Expert Survey; there was also a Digital Bioeconomy Exhibition & Media Corner online as well as a networking area including virtual roundtables for extra networking.

On the 18th of November, POWER4BIO project, of which the Andalusian Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development is partner, organised a joint breakout session on regional bioeconomy in the afternoon workshop "Rebooting the economy – sustainability, growth, and climate action delivered by the bioecomony" in the section of “Bioeconomy at the local level” with the assistance of over 30 participants able to interact online thorough an app to give their own vision.

On the 19th and 20th there were plenary lectures of important content for bioeconomy stakeholders with speakers from the administration, academia and industry. As examples, the Federal German Minister for Education and Research or the Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Foreign Affairs from the Kingdom of Thailand or the Director General from United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UN FAO) acted as introduction, followed by debates on New Dynamics in Bioeconomy Development; the Bioeconomy’s Role in Solving Global Crises or Investing in the Bioeconomy. Besides, the official document of the GBS 2020 regarding its “Vision and Way Forward: Communiqué of the Global Bioeconomy Summit 2020” for Expanding the Sustainable Bioeconomy was launched. In this document the overarching bioeconomy contributions to health and wellbeing, science and technology, and climate action, ecosystems and biodiversity during and after COVID-19 are highlighted as well as the contribution of the bioeconomy to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Also it was presented the Global Bioeconomy Policy Report "A decade of bioeconomy policy development around the world".


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