Sets out challenges and opportunities ahead on bioeconomy

The Network of Experts on Bioeconomy has published a new report that reviews and summarizes the knowledge and data that are relevant given the current landscape of the bioeconomy as well as research and innovation developments, in order to identify the drivers and key trends for a bioeconomy capable of contributing to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the EU climate goals. As highlighted, a circular and sustainable bioeconomy can be a fundamental instrument for the European Green Deal in the post-COVID-19 era, making the EU more resilient and competitive.

All this implies a change in the framework of sustainability inspiring towards an inclusive transition for a sustainable, circular and transformative bioeconomy and given that social aspects are of great importance a new term is proposed: BioWEconomy, which comes from the book 'WEconomy' ( Kielburger, Branson & Kielburger 2018) and the manifesto entitled 'Economy to Weconomy' (Marx and Stegfellner 2018), publications that expand the individualistic approach towards a more social and economic vision.

In the new report of the Network of Experts in Bioeconomy of the European Commission, the knowledge from different sources has been synthesized with the aim of informing about the future of the transition from the Bioeconomy towards Sustainable Development and a Climate Neutral Economy.

The report is part of a prospective analysis promoted by the European Commission's Knowledge Center for Bioeconomy (KCB) to explore transitions towards a sustainable, clean and resource-efficient bioeconomy.

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