In the following point you can find a list of normative resources related to the bioeconomy and the circular economy in the European, national and regional scope of Andalusia. The following links are indicative and for more information you can use the following resources:



The development of the bioeconomy requires new value chains that introduce novel bioproducts to the market. Both the implementation of new projects and their development, the need for customized financing, given its multidisciplinary and innovative nature.

Here you can find a small review of the financing instruments available for the initiatives related to the bioeconomy, organized according to the territorial level in which they are managed and / or their access window.

First of all, at the European level, we must highlight the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program (H2020), and the Structural and Investment Funds, the most relevant instruments to support the development of the bioeconomy. Its implementation responds to the objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy, and when the first program is managed at European level, most of the Structural and Investment Funds at the regional (or national) level, except when the case of the Cooperation Funds . Together with these possible sources of funding, there are other funds managed at European level framed in policies and programs with different objectives, which can also contribute to the development of the bioeconomy. This is the case of the COSME or LIFE Programs, as well as the Juncker Fund, also called the European Fund for Strategic Investments. Likewise, at the national and regional level, other smaller funds have been identified that may also be of interest. Detailed information is included in the Andalusian Circular Bioeconomy Strategy.