I Forum of the Andalusian Strategy of Bioeconomy.

On December 12, 2017, the 1st Forum of the Andalusian Strategy of Bioeconomy held in Seville took place.

In this forum, the Junta de Andalucía promoted an Andalusian bioeconomy strategy in order to respond to environmental, social and economic challenges, including climate change, which is one of the main risks for the economy. This was highlighted in Seville by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, Ricardo Domínguez. This event was the first meeting points for many agents whi attended to the meeting.


Working Groups in Bioeconomy


In order to advance in the definition of the actions of the Strategy, during the second week of March 2018, four work tables were convened, to which the companies and actors that were identified as participants were invited to participate. experts in the themes of each of the lines. In each of the working groups, the representatives of the horizontal areas of relevance in the development of the bioeconomy that correspond to the instrumental programs were also integrated, discussing in all of them how to identify themselves as more linked to each one of the thematic The following Tables were constituted:


          • Working group on Resources, in which experts participate in the field in which biomastic resources are generated.

          • Working group on Infrastructures and logistics management, expert operators linked to the logistic system of mobilization of biomass resources.
          • Working group on Transformation, to discuss biomass processing for its transformation into bioproducts and bioenergy, constituted by agents and actors of the biologically based industry.
          • Working group on Markets, related to the knowledge and commercialization of bioproducts and bioenergy.