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Kick-off meeting Circular Bioeconomy Cluster

Within the framework of Andalusian Circular Bioeconomy Strategy, the launching meeting of the Circular Bioeconomy Cluster of Andalusia held in the Provincial Council of Jaén on November 19 of 2018. This event was to launch meeting the cluster whose main objective is to unite the bioeconomy sector to maximize the synergies between stakeholders, thus ensuring an effective and efficient implementation of these new business models.

The event was inaugurated by the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, Rodrigo Sánchez de Haro, and the President of the Diputación de Jaén, Francisco Reyes Martínez, who has shown his support for this initiative from the point of view of the administration. Likewise, the event was attended by numerous companies and entities that already carry out circular bioeconomy initiatives in the Andalusian territory with success.

During the day the Andalusian Circular Bioeconomy Strategy was exposed as well as the financing opportunities and fiscal incentives in which this new model of producing and consuming can be supported for the profitable launching of bioeconomy processes and products.

Finally, the agents of the sector had the opportunity to know the initial approach of the cluster as well as to express their willingness to participate in it, staying abreast of the next steps of this public-private initiative, which will have great relevance for the development of the bioeconomy in Andalusia.


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