Completion of POWER4BIO project

The Horizon 2020 project POWER4BIO ended on the 31st of March. The Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development has been one of the partners representing Andalusia region.

This project coordinated by CIRCE and with a consortium of 17 partners from 11 countries including 10 European regions, has come to an end after 30 intense months where an arduous work has been carried out carry out in relation to the advancement of the bioeconomy at regional level. A total of 78 events have been organized, including ten regional cross-visits with 850 participants, four virtual webinar series and the online conference Bioeconomy Innovation Week.

As resources of more interest, we can find the catalogue of bio-based solutions, an online database on existing bio-based solutions with proven potential in the market and on the other hand, the Bioeconomy Strategy Accelerator Toolkit (BSAT) to guide decision-making during the review or development from scratch of regional circular bioeconomy strategies.

One of the main milestones has been the support in the development of the bioeconomy strategies of the five regions of Central and Eastern European regions, which resulted in three new regional strategies. While the Western and Mediterranean regions have received advice with the aim of updating their respective existing bioeconomy strategies.

The project material can be explored on the project website where a collection of video recordings and presentations from the many events under the POWER4BIO are available for download.

The POWER4BIO consortium, and specifically Andalusia, appreciates your continued interest and support in the activities and results of the project, as well as the participation of numerous Andalusian agents in the events organized within the framework of POWER4BIO. It has been two and a half years of knowledge exchange and mutual learning with the main focus on the circular bioeconomy at regional level as the core of this project.

In this way, the Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development of Andalusia will continue its commitment to contribute to the growth and socioeconomic development of the region by promoting actions aimed at fostering the production of resources and renewable biobased processes for a greener, more competitive and sustainable Andalusia.

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