Research and innovation in agroindustry and healthy eating, priorities of the S4Andalucía

The Smart Specialization Strategy for the Sustainability of Andalusia 2021-2027, the new S4Andalusia, will include research and innovation in agroindustry and healthy eating between its priorities. In total, there are eight specialization priorities set by the Junta de Andalucia for the economic transformation of the region, generating a change in the productive model according to current challenges.

Andalusian Regional Ministry of Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities organized a webinar to inform knowledge agents, companies, academia and citizens of the begun work design by the High-Level Working Group and the Junta de Andalucía's Technical Team, and to invite them to participate openly in the development of the first documents under preparation. The deadline for the presentation of contributions is July 31.

In Regional Minister’s opinion, Rogelio Velasco, “the exit of S4 will be possible if public and private sectors cooperate and co-invest, betting on our region, promoting new bets and attracting new projects”. Furthermore, he has emphasized that Andalusia aspires to be part of a more competitive and intelligent Europe, which promotes an innovative economic transformation, a regional connectivity based on information and communication technologies; facing the challenges of decarbonization and betting on a circular economy.

S4Andalucia will give continuity to the RIS3Andalucía, and will be the “basic instrument for the planning, execution, development and evaluation of public developed activities linked to Research, Innovation and Industrial Transition, with a cross-cutting perspective of fighting Climate Change, within the European Cohesion Framework 2021-2027”.

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