The Andalusian Ministry and Ansemac will analize the use of Asian algae as biomass

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development and the Association of Business Women of the Environment Sector (Ansemac) will collaborate in the development of innovative projects to turn the problem of invasive Asian algae (Rugulopteryx okamurae) into an opportunity to generate wealth sustainably.

Among the proposals for the use of Asian algae collected in the ‘Ansemac Challenge’ are, for example, its use to create street furniture, bricks, ornamental cladding or plates for prefabricated construction. Likewise, other projects aimed at converting this natural resource into biodegradable plastic sheets that could be used to make alternative bags to plastic and to be used as fertilizer in reforestation programs or as raw material to prepare gastronomic recipes and cosmetic products.

This collaboration is framed within the activities of knowledge transfer, use of by-products, circular economy and bioeconomy in which the Institute has been working for years.

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