It will support 5 regional authorities across Europe to:

  • o adapt their governance models to support the scaling up of the bio-based value chains of their ecosystem

  • o network and source knowledge from peers and consort with the European Commission’s Circular Cities and Regions Initiative’s Coordination and Support Office (CCRI-CSO).

  • Improved regional governance models with increased stakeholder engagement accelerating the circular bioeconomy transition of European regions.




    Andalucia is one of the first regions in Europe releasing a Circular Bioeconomy Strategy (EABC) in 2018 and the Andalusian Circular Economy Law is currently under development. The overall maturity of bioeconomy and circular economy in the region is mixed.

    Currently, the regional ministry (ROBIN partner), and other regional organisations, have developed the Andalucía Agrotech Digital Innovation Hub. Furthermore, the launching of a Bioeconomy Cluster is planned as part of the actions proposed in the EABC. The regional ministry is also the leader region of the S3P Partnership on Traceability and Big Data in the agrifood value chain in which regional node participate CTA and IFAPA. Also, CTA is a multisectoral innovation cluster that covers biotech and agri-food areas and that promotes technology transfer from academia to the private sector.

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